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stana katic hot

Katic was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to a Serbian father and Croatian mother, who both immigrated from Croatia. Her father is from Vrlika, and her mother is from the surrounding area of Sinj. Katic later moved with her family to Aurora, Illinois. She spent the following years moving back and forth between Canada and the United States. After graduating from West Aurora High School in 1996, she studied acting at Chicago's Goodman School of Drama. She has four brothers and one sister.

Blessed/cursed as a human transmitter and receiver capable of intercepting all kinds of electronic signals, Katic's imposing alter ego was also a whiz with firearms. But she gained greater recognition beginning in 2009, as Kate Beckett in the ABC series Castle, a Moonlighting-esque drama in which Katic's straightlaced homicide detective trades barbs and one-liners with Nathan Fillion's mystery novelist Richard Castle.

She has also made a name for herself by offering up scene-stealing work in such films as 2007’s Feast of Love and 2008’s The Spirit. She can currently be seen in a starring role opposite Nathan Fillion on the ABC series Castle, as well as alongside Kelly Hu and Dominique Swain in the forthcoming thriller Stiletto.

Lily Collins hot

Although born in the UK, Lily Collins moved to Los Angeles with her mother, Jill Tavelman at the age of 5 when her parents split up. She performed at the Youth Academy for Dramatic Arts as a child but her main interest was journalism. She began writing a column ("NY Confidential") for the British magazine Elle Girl in her teens as well as contributing to Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and the Los Angeles Times magazines and went on to major in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Southern California.

Collins is studying Communication at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication. As the first college representative to sit on the board of The Maple Counseling Center, Collins created Talk More Create Connections, a program that promotes open conversations between parents and teens.

In 2011, Collins starred in the critically panned thriller "Abduction," as the love interest of Taylor Lautner, whom she briefly dated while filming. She was also reportedly linked to actor Zac Efron. In 2012, Collins nabbed the biggest role of her career then to date in the adventure-comedy "Mirror Mirror," based on the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale. She played Snow White, a beautiful princess in exile who is trying to reclaim her kingdom from an evil Queen (Julia Roberts). 

alicia keys hot

Keys was raised by her mother, Nikki Augello, a part-time actress and paralegal. Keys began piano lessons at age 7 and Augello's dogged insistence that her daughter stick with the instrument led Keys to attend Manhattan's prestigious Professional Performance Arts School where she majored in choir. She excelled academically and was allowed to graduate at the age of 16. Keys had already attracted the attention of record company executives during her high school years, and after what amounted to a bidding war for her talents, she signed with Arista Records in 1998.

Keys has, in fact, shown that she possesses a great interest in music since her very childhood. During which she, at seven years old, had begun playing piano and learned classical music by classy composers like Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin, all of whom are her favorites. When she was fourteen years old, Keys wrote her first song "Butterflyz" which was included on her debut album "Songs in A Minor", released on August 19, 2001. This first album was commercially a success, with one of its singles entitled "Fallin'" sitting at #1 in U.S. charts and #3 in U.K. charts. It also won five Grammy Awards in 2002.

she signed with Arista Records, and wrote, produced and recorded her own albums. In 1999, she left Arista to join J Records, headed by legendary music impresario Clive Davis, and her success has been meteoric. Her 2001 debut album, "Songs in A Minor," sold six million copies and garnered five Grammys. Her album "Diary" won her four more Grammys in 2005.

elizabeth hurley hot

was born the second child in the family on June 10, 1965 in Hampshire, England. Growing up in the suburb of Basingstoke, a large town in South East England region, the girl originally aspired to be a dancer and even attended a boarding school specialized in ballet training at the age of 12, but later eagerly shifted to acting upon taking theater courses aside from that of dance at the London Studio Center during her teens. A handful of theater works afterwards followed to then lead to her first film debut in Bruce Beresford's segment of “Die tote Stadt” from “Aria” (1987), a collaborative feature consisting ten short pictures made by ten renowned directors.

Roles in Television and a film, Rowing with the Wind (1988), which included a young actor named Hugh Grant, soon followed. European films followed her appearance in the BBC serial Christabel (1988) (TV). Her film debut in a Hollywood movie was in the Wesley Snipes action drama Passenger 57 (1992). When Hugh Grant was picked up with Divine Brown, Hurley became headline news. Added to this was the fact that she was the model representing top cosmetics house Estée Lauder, and there was nowhere Hurley could go to get away from the press. In 1994, Hurley and Hugh Grant set up Simian Films in partnership with Castle Rock Entertainment. As Head of Development, Hurley found the script and produced her first film Extreme Measures (1996),

In 2002, she gave birth to a baby boy, Damian Charles, and hit the headlines once more when multi-millionaire Steve Bing initially denied being the father. However, a DNA test established the Hollywood producer, who is the grandson of New York real estate magnate Leo Bing, as the child's father.

Olga Kurylenko hot

She was born Olga Konstantinovna Kurylenko on November 14, 1979, in Berdyansk, Ukraine, Soviet Union. Her mother, Marina Alyabysheva, divorced her father, Konstantin Kurylenko, soon after her birth. After the divorce her mother struggled to survive as an art teacher. Young Olga was brought up by her mother and her grandmother, Raisa. During her youth Olga had the humbling experience of living in poverty; she had no choice but to wear rags and had to darn the holes on her sweater. During her years in Ukraine she studied art and languages and spent seven years studying piano at a local school of music in Berdyansk. She also went to a ballet studio until 13.

Kurylenko's 13th birthday proved to be a momentous one in both her personal and professional life. That year, she contacted her father for the first time since he left her mother. She also traveled to Moscow with her mother, where they met a talent scout for a modeling agency in a subway. The woman was struck by Kurylenko's appearance and offered her a job as a model.

In 2008, Kurylenko was cast as Camille, a Russian-Bolivian agent who assists James Bond (Daniel Craig) in his plan to avenge the murder of his wife Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) in "Quantum of Solace," the sequel to 2006's "Casino Royale." Kurylenko underwent extensive training for the film, from instruction in handling weapons and stunt work to studying the Bond film franchise as a whole - something she was unable to do in her native Ukraine.