Sunday, December 30, 2012

Evangeline Lilly hot

Evangeline Lilly was born on August 3, 1979, in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. She is a Canadian actress and fashion model. Before her outstanding performance as an actress, Lilly was formerly an airhostess. Evey, that's how people usually call her, is fluent in French. Between acting and modeling, Lilly spends her spare time ice-skating, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding and rock climbing.

Lilly is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Drama. "I still feel like I'm so new to the industry," she says. "And to be honored like that at such an early stage in my career is the most incredible honor." Although she loses to The Closer's Kyra Sedgwick, Lilly makes her moves to the big screen when she begins filming the supernatural thriller Afterwards, slated for summer 2008. She plays the ex-wife of a lawyer (Romain Duris) who has been told his date of death by John Malkovich.

In 2000, Evangeline Lilly was "discovered" in the streets of British Columbia by the famous Ford modeling agency, but she decided instead to pursue her dream of working in international relations. Six months later, she took the offer to pay for her college tuition. She then appeared in a few commercials but decided to give up on acting.

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