Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dianna Agron hot

Born in 1986 and raised in San Francisco, Dianna Elise Agron began taking dance classes at the age of 3. Following high school, Agron, intent on working as a professional actress, moved to Los Angeles, where she eventually landed small roles on a number of television programs. In 2009, her career changed dramatically when she landed the role of Quinn Fabray in the FOX television series, Glee.

Dianna's big breakthrough came in 2009 when she was cast as high school cheerleader Quinn Fabray on the hit TV series Glee. Since then, she's transitioned to the big screen in major motion pictures such as Burlesque (2010) and I Am Number Four (2011).

Agron began her acting career in 2005, playing a supporting role in the indie film Talkers Are No Good Doers. Her more notable roles include a recurring stint on Heroes, where she played a rival to Hayden Panettiere's Claire Bennet; and in Veronica Mars' third season. Her most-known role to date is as head cheerleader Quinn Fabray on the hit Fox series Glee.

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