Tuesday, July 2, 2013

missy peregrym hot

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Missy Peregrym's family-her minister father, her mother and her two sisters-moved to Surrey, B.C. when she was small. At 18, she began modeling for print ads. Commercials and television work soon came her way, and she made her acting debut at 19 in an episode of Dark Angel, filmed in Vancouver.

She raised her game with a recurring role on the highly-rated superhero drama, "Heroes" (NBC, 2006- ), playing Candice Wilmer, an outcast high school student who discovers that she has the power to create illusions, like plastering ugly boils on a cheerleader's face or tormenting a football player with Satan-like images of his father. In "Wide Awake" (Lifetime, 2006-07), she was a researcher suffering from narcolepsy, whose life falls into danger after a known cure turns deadly. Back on series television, she had a costarring role on "Reaper" (CW, 2007- ), playing the love interest to a young slacker (Bret Harrison) who learns that his parents pledged his soul to the Devil, obligating him to retrieve souls that have escaped from Hell.

Peregrym's biggest break yet came with the gymnastics teen-flick, "Stick It" in 2006. Playing the lead role of Haley Graham, a former gymnastics prodigy who abruptly leaves the sport and starts running with the wrong crowd, Peregrym drew upon her athletic background to better essay the part. With four months of intensive training, she was able to pull off many gymnastic feats on her own, leaving the difficult work to a trained double. The film was also Peregrym's first opportunity to act with a high-caliber A-list star like Jeff Bridges, who played the part of her tough and exacting coach.

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